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Secret Wishies
Secret Wishies was established in 2008. It is a graphic design and resources web page. SW provides resources from Icons to web-layouts to PSDs. Also, SW provides tutorials of both web-designing and Artworks. Come check out today!
Beginning of the End
Post-Potter set in 2009: the Death Eaters are long gone and the newest generation has come to Hogwarts. Take classes, play Quidditch, join clubs and learn some spells! We have a short application, no word count and both canons and originals are equally important to the plot.
sweet serenity
sweet serenity is a Sailor Moon story, established in 2015. We are inspired by all incarnations of Sailor Moon and other magical girl elements. Check us out! ❤ Our current story is the "Florapocalypse", invasion of the Makaiju!