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Safe To Sea
The world of Soteria was built out of love. In time it fell to ruin but the magic has began to refuel what was lost. Now it needs residents, and it has began to pull people from all over to protect it. Join our panfandom, come see Soteria and the growing land it offers while meeting many fandoms.
DNE Gaming
What are we about? DNE is a Gaming community that also centers around writing, art, fandom, and making new friends! We boast 30+ bots in our discord server, 1500+ members, full unique emotes, events and giveaways, and an active community for chatting for finding people to play all sorts of games!
Shibui is an AU Naruto RP with a fun, feudal twist! We're based partially in canon lore but have an expanded class system that includes monks, shrine maidens, mercenaries, samurai, and more! Come join us!