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Love is Zero
Come for the resources, and stay for the healthy dose of justice and activism. Love is Zero has a focus on both resources for graphics designs, & bloggers. As a millennial female who likes to blog, design, write, draw, & cook, so this site is a bit of everything.
BEARBONES is a post-apocalyptic human roleplay site. If roleplaying doesn’t suit you, however, there’s also room for chatting and sharing art! The community is very friendly, and we’ll be glad to have you. :^)
Aeipathy: An Ancient Worlds RP
Aeipathy is an intermediate-to-advanced roleplaying game set in ancient times with three culturally-diverse kingdoms in play, with plans for expansion. From the poorest of slaves to the most powerful of kings, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our historical society and unique lore.