Smooth Sailing Listings

A web directory and listing for websites of any kind!


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Palace
Minako's Sailor Moon Page is a German General Sailor Moon Fan Site that covers all of the BSSM adaptations. However, this project has its main focus on the original 90s anime.
Bloodless Revolution
Nemi's shrines & fansites collective.
A fansite for Anne Rice, her vampires and witches and her beautiful style that brings immortals to this world.
Epiphany is a Petz 5 adoption and resource site! I mostly do adoptions but I also have the original toys/clothes/etc. up for download.
Fortree Forums
A Pokemon fan forum based on Fortree City from the 3rd Gen games
Kiss or Gossip
Fansite dedicated to Gossip Girl: Party ~Style your Love~, the otome game by Voltage Inc.
Dune fansite, in two languages, with a lot of informations and unique content.
Monkie Business
A fansite for the animated show LEGO Monkie Kid! Whether you're already a fan or this site will be your introduction, there's fun to be had and new things to learn about this series, which continues the story of the classic Chinese novel, 'Journey to the West'.
Nier: Reincarnation Library
Links to all of the story content I could find uploaded of Nier: Reincarnation.
This is a fan site dedicated to Kazuki Takahashi's Yu-Gi-Oh series! Features info, coloring book pages, music videos, etc.
Station Arcadia
A fansite dedicated to the various works of Leiji Matsumoto!
The Superman/Wonder Woman Fan Fiction Index is a comprehensive list of Superman/Wonder Woman fan fiction from all over the internet.
The MashMorgan Shrine
A shrine dedicated to the pairing Mash Kyrielight/Morgan le Fey from the video game Fate/Grand Order
Toucan Time
One Piece fan site containing the many WIP series co-authored between myself and DrJJFaustus. Fic, galleries, trivia/headcanons, chatroom and guestbook!
Unicorn Kick
Lee Chaloan fansite & loveletter featuring the most comprehensive deep-dive for the Tekken character.