Smooth Sailing Listings

A web directory and listing for websites of any kind!

How It Works

The Process

Account Registration

First, you register for an account by inputting all necessary user information. These user credentials will be stored in the database (passwords are hashed, salted, peppered, whatever!) and will be associated with the websites you submit. One account can submit multiple websites.

Website Submission

Next, you submit your website information. Click Submit Your Website, and ta-da! You can now see your website listed under the corresponding category! Yep, it's automatic! (If you don't see your website listed—most likely an internal error—please try again.)

Website Information Modification

If you want to edit your website information, click Edit Link on the navigation. You will be led to a login page. Log in with the same user credentials you used to submit your website. Once logged in, you will be able to directly edit your website or account information.

In Exchange...

Please link back to Smooth Sailing Listings using the following button:

The link doesn't have to be on every page, but it must be easy to find.

Account Information

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