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Blog of a 30-something insulin dependent type 2 diabetic who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband and cat. She loves blogging, photography, hiking, the outdoors and reading.
Personal blog with book reviews
Daily Lovejuice
Daily Lovejuice is a lifestyle blog focused on skincare, self care and nail art. You will find reviews, recommendations, tutorials, and more.
Delux Designs (DE), LLC
Delux Designs (DE), LLC is a freelance design service that provides graphic design work to the public along with custom paintings, and unique woodcrafts.
God aint atheist, pal, nor is Hellfire cool.
Enigmatic is a personal blog with graphics and resources provided! is my personal blog. Here, I write about my daily life, and some of my various interests such as games, anime, cartoons, etc.
Forbidden Love
A personal blog, offering graphics and tutorials.
a blog with no niche
Personal blog about technology and programming.
A blog of a dude who dreams to be a hero.
a stuggling blogger from Philippines. I love anime and my favorite is Haikyuu. I’m a nendoroid collector and a photographer. I keep this blog for my personal life updates and hobbies.
My personal blogging space. I post weekly list of link recs (articles, videos, various resources, etc.), a log of my playthrough of Dwarf Fortress, and various other things.
in.pencil is a creative endeavor by two long-time friends with the goal of having interesting debates, deep conversations, and revelatory personal storytelling through a variety of media, primary of which is our podcast and YouTube channel. we are beginning to incorporate writings and other avenues
Just Geeking By
Just your average four eyed disabled geek. This blog is my way of sharing my life and experiences as a disabled four eyed geek; all of which influence my life in various ways. I’ll be blogging about gaming stuff, life as a disabled student as well as posting beauty ideas, reviews and tutorials.
Nicheless blog with geeky undertones.
Personal blog of Luana Spinetti, Italian freelance blogger and artist. The blog covers life updates, project updates, book reviews, helpful content and opinion posts.
Personal blog of a quirky cat lady. Features Art, Crafts, Poetry and more.
Now We're Cookin'
Nicki's collection of recipes, open for all friends, family, and anyone who wishes to share from his/her own collection!
Orc Milk
A little personal blog of adventures, plants, and other things.
Mal's blog, meandering thoughts.
My corner of the web where I share my gaming and other geeky experiences in life <3
The Fireside Chats
This is a literature and reading based blog. You can catch up on what I've been reading and read as I discuss different literature related topics. I'll also spotlight an author from time to time and update you on literature related news.
I'm a young married woman trying to chronicle my adventures of learning to code, play banjo, get better at writing and art, and also get into graduate school. I play a lot of video games and watch a lot of movies and like to talk about them!
The Vampire Project
An online vampire research portal, with resources and information, terminology, folklore and historical writings, and otherkin related materials. All topics covered here deal with vampires or other kin.
Small design studio specializing in strategic branding and web design for emerging entrepreneurs.