Smooth Sailing Listings

A web directory and listing for websites of any kind!


Asclaria is Lysianthus's umbrella network. All of her cliques, fanlistings, fansites, shrines, tributes, and other online projects are under this umbrella.
Astral Stasis Network
A nerdy cat's fanlisting & clique collective
Elysium is my personal blog/collective (web - graphics, resources, tutorials, crafts...and cosplay XP)
HANABI network
Nemi's fanlisting collective. :3
On the Axis
Tris' axis of website projects and favorite places to visit on the World Wide Web!
Fanlisting collective to my various interests.
Windsprite Network
Windsprite Network, Nemi's main collective. :D
The umbrella network of Rin, with a bit of something for everybody -- writing, fansites, fanlistings, and maybe a little magic.