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Erebos: House of Darkness
Blending the dark sensuality of vampires with suspenseful adventure in the alluring tradition of Vampire: the Masquerade, EREBOS is an enduring, suspenseful saga featuring tormented heroes and insidious villains in their tenacious, eternal struggle for domination and survival.
Forbidden L0ve Message Board
Heaps of discussion topics to discuss and games to play to pass the time.
Somewhere to chat about Dennis Wilson's life, solo music and contributions to The Beach Boys, and the fanzine I'm working on. There's also boards for talking about other music or general topics, posting wants ads and promoting Beach Boys/solo items you're selling elsewhere.
TW Forums
Tainted Wingz personal Forums that was made just for about anyone. It has gaiaonline-like RPG areas and places for members to chat, share their art, graphics and stories. Events and Challenges are there for fun and lots more.
Wellspring Dreams Club
A forum community of builders, creatives, lovers, and dreamers! Gather round!