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Burn for You is a modern nobility site set, taking inspiration from Bridgerton, in a fictional city and country. It is set in present day with a few tweaks. We have two different shipper applications for you to chose from and are mostly member driven in terms of plots. is somewhere you can go just to relax and have fun! You can chat about nearly anything, role play, show off your sites or stuff you've made!
DNE Gaming
What are we about? DNE is a Gaming community that also centers around writing, art, fandom, and making new friends! We boast 30+ bots in our discord server, 1500+ members, full unique emotes, events and giveaways, and an active community for chatting for finding people to play all sorts of games!
Erebos: House of Darkness
Blending the dark sensuality of vampires with suspenseful adventure in the alluring tradition of Vampire: the Masquerade, EREBOS is an enduring, suspenseful saga featuring tormented heroes and insidious villains in their tenacious, eternal struggle for domination and survival.
Heaps of discussion topics to discuss and games to play to pass the time.
When in doubt, go to the library! We are the place for avid readers, literature lovers, classics enthusiast, and all other readers to gather to discuss their favorite books and authors and other various topics.
New forum focusing on environmental, holistic (whole person) issues in a secular setting. Topics include alternative & natural health. Mental health. Pets. Light-hearted discussions.
NerdiestKen's Forum
A general forum is where we provide members with a wide range of topics since 2019.
Revillution - Your Portal to Entertainment!
Revillution is an entertainment website for gamers, tech enthusiasts, movie lovers, music junkies, roleplayers and many other types of hobbyists. We are a growing community of friendly faces that love discussing various topics. There's something for everyone to enjoy at Revillution! Join today!
sail messageboards is a relaxing type site. we are a 5-star rated chill/free form driven site with fast growing environment. we want our mebers to feel free in expressing themselves however you please. if you choose to join us, please make sure that you are registered to view and post in all boards
The Forest
A pink themed bulletin board for chatting and sharing
Somewhere to chat about Dennis Wilson's life, solo music and contributions to The Beach Boys, and the fanzine I'm working on. There's also boards for talking about other music or general topics, posting wants ads and promoting Beach Boys/solo items you're selling elsewhere.