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A web directory and listing for websites of any kind!


A Glimpsed Horizon
Quality anime graphics – 100x100 avatars/icons, PNG renders, and textures – to feed your needs!
A anime graphics resources site!
Affelius is a creative website owned and managed by Lysianthus. This is where she archives, publishes, and showcases her creative works, such as writings, graphics, designs, resources, tools, and online experiments for others to enjoy and use.
Angelic Aria
Nemi's icon archive.
A site full of coding examples made for web-designers who already know the basics and want to refresh their memory, learn new tricks, or quickly look up a piece of code. It includes HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and more.
Cepheus is a personal site with a journal, nostalgic web graphics, a writing portfolio and free layouts!
The website of a fat girl-thing that draws cute girls and hosts fun decorative site resources.
This is a tutorial on how to CODE your own simple, 3-page website from (almost) scratch!
We are a site that offers Graphics,Resources and hosts Graphic challenges :)
Original art, pixels and graphics full of vitamin C
Prismatictigers is a collection of graphics, pixels, and old web nostalgia with downloadable website themes inspired by Xanga layouts and more!
Rotten Rainbow
Just a silly site with tutorials and downloads :) It's very colorful and it tastes like birthday cake! is a place on the internet that recovers, repairs, and reuploads Photoshop resources from lost personal blogs from the mid-2000's.
Simon's Buttons
1000+ 88x31 Buttons
Vizune is Sasha's personal sanctuary where she dabbles & experiments in graphic design, web design and web development whilst embracing anime and gaming in her content. She offers avatars, web templates, renders, PSD downloads and tutorials.
Providing you with Cute Graphics, Resources and Downloads
A creative archive full of renders, icon bases and codings by yours truly. Includes artists from around the world, anime, manga, visual novels, and every day objects.